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Finale Rinse, Repeat. Lights Out.

by blogeois_admin on February 8th, 2011

Because some readers didn’t get all the way through the previous post, probably due to my usual excessive whining, here’s the important part you may have missed.

Repost: I’ve been aware for a while now that my postings here have caused extra stress and depression in WS. Although this journal was never about him, he does play a big role in my life. There was bound to be bleed-over and for all I apologize, words will never be enough.

Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, has now ended its normal operating stretch. It was a good, long run. Sorry for all the complaining. Many, many thanks for all your reading. Again, words could never be enough to express how much I appreciated your time spent here over the years.

We hope you enjoyed your visit and you give the fine folks listed below a moment of your time. Drive carefully on your way around the Internet. Good night!

– Jafer over at Idiot on a Stick. A Big Thank you!
– Kami at Jestablog. A Big Thank you!
– Kay at Kaymusings. Thank you!
– Sweet Mary Lou at Life after NEXCOM and her sister Phyllis at Life on Whidbey. Huge Thank yous!
– Zoe at My Boyfriend is a Twat. (Buy her book!) Thank you so much for linking me!
– Cindi over at My So-Called Life as I Know It. A Big Thank you!

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  1. Ruth permalink

    Aw. Say it isn’t so.
    Be well and please miss us and be back.

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